Legacy Application Modernisation

is the acknowledgement that you must take steps to modernise your business applications in order to sustain your competitive advantage, as well to maintain relevance in your particular industry.

The world has been accelerating to digital and mobile for the past 10+ years, yet your application somehow has not heeded the call to move along with it, perhaps due to cost constraints, perhaps due to its continued success in the environment it once held mastery over. However, these past few years with the global pandemic have sealed the demands of future work practices as well as the manner in which you need to deliver your services. The future is about ubiquitous remote and mobile access, for your staff, your clients and any future business opportunities.

Having decided that you will modernise your application allow us to help you reach your goals. We’ll support you in transforming your legacy applications so you can provide systems and services that meet your business' current and future needs.

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What defines a legacy application?

The answer is by no means obvious. The easiest criterion used by most engineers is the age of an IT system. Following this reasoning, you could put the legacy etiquette only on the applications developed long ago.

  • Some of them were built in languages that are not supported anymore like Cobol. Because of that, no one fixes its bugs or security issues and they stay in your applications.
  • Others have no living community around them. Consequently, it’s challenging to find developers to work with such applications.
  • The same happens with applications built in proprietary technologies with short lifecycles. Once the initial hype calms down, developers lose interest in them, and your organization is left alone with peculiar software nobody wants to work with (or even knows how to).

No matter the cause, the effect is the same: legacy applications generate increasing business problems, and CTOs should modernise them ASAP.


Are you an OpenInsight Solutions house?

OpenInsight from Revelation Technology is a prime example of a very successful PC application development environments from 20+ years ago, the platform is no longer able to deploy nor scale out to the current cloud based runtime deployment environments.

When one of our subsidiary companies sought a path out of their proprietary OpenInsight enviroment, we embarked on an extensive strategy to develop a solid methodology to re-factor and modernise their multiple applications onto open web technologies.

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If you have an internally developed application?

If you are one of the tens of thousands on SME businesses or software houses that have perfectly working applications wanting to commence on the path to applications modernisation, investigating the way forward as well as costs, time and process, perhaps we can add value to your journey.

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