Legacy Application Modernisation

Transforming today's solutions for tomorrow

While companies are under pressure to increase competitiveness and to improve service delivery through newer technologies, most are not in a position to abandon their existing legacy applications. Legacy applications are essential to their operations and represent millions of dollars in investment. At the same time, however, legacy applications are costly to maintain and often lack the flexibility to meet changing market demands. Envizion understands the need for organizations to make the most of their legacy systems while taking advantage of newer technologies. Through legacy application modernisation services, we work with clients to transform, rather than replace, their existing applications to reduce their cost of ownership and fulfill their strategic objectives.

We help SME business leaders to modernise legacy applications and working practices, accelerate digital service delivery, drive smarter decisions with data and enable improved technology skills within teams.


How we work

We support public sector SME organisations to navigate the journey to the cloud, building new skills and confidence into every step of the journey. Our team will work alongside you to transform your legacy applications and systems into cloud-native applications that reduce time, cost and operational inefficiencies, while maintaining security, resilience and compliance. We’ll work alongside you to plan and execute your modernisation process by using an approach that involves measured, incremental steps. With our support, you can gradually increase the cloud maturity of your platforms and systems, the automation in your software development lifecycle (SDLC) and the knowledge and ways of working within your teams..

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The five phases of legacy application transformation

Legacy Software Audit

We start by rapidly mapping out your applications and systems, identifying the underlying technologies and dependencies your applications are using. This helps us to draw a picture of how your technology works, marking out areas of complexity and identifying where we can make “quick wins”..

Identifying what to do first

Our team assists you in reenigineering a legacy setup to make the most out of your core business systems. We plot these on a quadrant map to measure the business value of modernising them alongside the technical effort of doing so. This helps us identify and agree on which legacy applications we can move forward with.

Legacy Software Migration

Leverage and extend the current software features by encapsulating its data and functions, making them accessible as services via a REST API. As appropriate we will move a set of legacy funcionality to a cloud platform. This is known as re-platforming.

Modernising for performance and security

The cloud maturity of re-platformed applications improves and larger, more complex apps are transformed. We’ll also address more complex, non-functional requirements, such as performance, security and compliance.

End-to-end QA and testing

We will work to ensure that even the most complex business logic of your modernised application behaves exactly as intended by testing all legacy transformation aspects (re-engingeering, data migration and user experience).

Transforming your teams

We will support and train your teams to use the new cloud-native approach, so that they can become self-sufficient, and deliver software products using a cloud-native approach.